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Play Dames Magazine Back Issue - Volume 3 - Number 1


Front Cover
Play Dames Vol. 3 # 1 magazine back issue Play Dames magizine back copy Beautiful Brazen Birds, Naughty New Flashers,All-Girl Extravaganza,Game Girlfriends,Saucy Poses

Rear Cover
Play Dames magazine Beautiful Brazen Birds, Naughty New Flashers,All-Girl Extravaganza,Game Girlfriends,Saucy Poses
Play Dames Vol. 3 # 1 Magazine
Volume 3 Issue # 1


4 Jenny
27 Mary
32 Martina
33 Samantha
46 Cheryl
51 Tessa

'Why'. someone wrote in, 'don't you have exciting pictures of blokes fucking about with birds in PlayDames? Would make it much more exciting'. The answer, Clifford from Biggleswade, is that you get loads of hetero action in our sister magazines EXCLUSIVE, RUSTLER, RAPIER. NEW DIRECTION, SWISH! and SADIE STERN'S MONTHLY and if that's what you're after you can take your pick. PlayDames concentrates on all the gorgeous girls that the other mags miss most of the time and it's specially for fellers who can dream up their own fantasies. thank you, and who don't want to see other blokes' organs putting out.
Just make comparisons, mate, and take a grip on yourself. PlayDames' growing popularity is entirely due to our careful choice of the most promising cunnycharmers around; and the best thing you can do to ensure you keep up with this on-going offering is to take out a priority, cut-price, free-gift subscription by turning to page 57 and grabbing our offer. OK, we don't mind if you buy the other magazines as well!


Volume: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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