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Knave USA Magazine Back Issues Archive

1959 | 1976 | 1977 | 1978 | 1979

Knave January 1979
Knave January 1979 magazine back issue

Only $95.00

Knave January 1979

The Chill Is On! Talking Sci-Fi With Isaac Asimov
Eye Balling The Watcher And The Watched
Sour Cherries Debunking The Myth Of Virgin Sex
Ouch! Scenes From An S/M Social Club


Knave February 1979
Knave February 1979 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Knave February 1979

A Walk On The Wide Side Knave Profiles Meat Loaf
Confessions Of A Professional Rah-Rah! Girl
cheryl, Dolly, Farrah, Liz... Celebrity Ball Wildest Reader Write-In Section Yet!
Plain Janes Recognizing The Good And Bad In The Ugly


Knave March 1979
Knave March 1979 magazine back issue

Only $95.00

Knave March 1979

Seeing Red! Stalking The Wild Redbush
Gals As Pals Why Can't We Be Friends
Power Politricks Capitol Hill Hookers
Cheryl, Charo, Cher! Celebrity Ball Wildest Reader Write In Section In Any Mens Magazine


Knave April 1979
Knave April 1979 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Knave April 1979

Nookie For Knaver Half A Dozen Dizzying Damos!
Take My Wife, Please! A Sexologist Reports On The New Variety Of Pimp
Four-Play Sweet Exhausion
Bucks And Blood The Needless Tragedy Of Sport


Knave May 1979
Knave May 1979 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Knave May 1979

Knave Clips An Angels Wings! Jaclyn Smith Interview
The Great Sex Scavenger Hunt
Cherry Pickers! Women Who Dig Virgin Men
Sex: Quality Or Quantity?


Knave June 1979
Knave June 1979 magazine back issue

Only $95.00

Knave June 1979

Bigmouth Nobody Does It Better
An Interview With Paul Hardcore Schruder
3 Kept Men Tell Their Tales!
The Near-Perfect Crime! Computer Theft


Knave July 1979
Knave July 1979 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Knave July 1979

The Eclectic Cia Acid Test!
Knave's Book Of infidelity Etiquette (New Highs In Lowdown Behavior)
Horny Hedonist Awards
Other Men's Wives Erotic Phto Contest


Knave August 1979
Knave August 1979 magazine back issue

Only $95.00

Knave August 1979

The Joy Of Sexual Frustration?
She Stuck It In His Ear! The Guy Who Got Obscene Phone Calls
Sexperiment Love Contracts Sex Along The Dotted Line
Other Men's Wives Erotic Photo Contest Celeberity Ball! Fantasy And The Famous


Knave September 1979
Knave September 1979 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Knave September 1979

Kinky Killers Studies In Innocence-And Terror!
The Befuddled Bisexual When Twice As Much Isn't Half Enough
Sneaky Sex Fiction: Sibling Ribaldry
Plus! Sexperience Opening Acts, Plain Brown Wrapper, A Knaves Miscellany And More!!!


Knave October 1979
Knave October 1979 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Knave October 1979

Hot-Focus On Sex: See The Rest Of The Best!
Sexciting Fiction: Smart Ass Some Broads Never Know When To Shut Up


Knave November 1979
Knave November 1979 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Knave November 1979


Knave December 1979
Knave December 1979 magazine back issue

Only $95.00

Knave December 1979

Something Extra For Your Thanksgiving Feast Of Flesh...
A Double Portion Of Sexy Swingers
Palimony: What Eve Hath Wrought!
G.G.'s Barnum Room: Where Men Ain't Necessarily So...


1959 | 1976 | 1977 | 1978 | 1979

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